CCM Journal Club


The purpose of the Concepts in Condensed Matter Journal Club is to create a forum for critical discussion of the ideas that form the foundations of our field. Come Join us in 324 Leconte Hall, every other Friday at 9am. Spring Semester 2015 the Journal Club will focus on transport phenomena in metals and insulators. The book we are using is Gantmakher “Electrons and Disorder in Solids”, OUP. You can see a full list of topics here. Topics so far have included:

  • Symmetry breaking
  • The Landau theory of second order phase transitions
  • Landau’s theory of the Fermi Liquid
  • The fluctuation-dissipation theorem
  • Onsager’s Reciprocal relations
  • The Integer Quantum Hall Effect
  • The Wigner crystal
  • Exchange, superexchange and magnetic order
  • Luttinger’s theorem
  • Luttinger-Tomonaga 1D liquids
  • Goldstone Modes and Generalized rigidity
  • Cooper Pairing
  • Weyl Fermions