Characterization Lab

susceptibilitySQUID Susceptibility

Magnetic measurements are an indispensable tool in the characterization of novel materials. Our Cryogenic S700X SQUID magnetometer allows us to measure magnetic properties as a function of magnetic field and temperature by employing one of the most sensitive detectors of magnetic flux available. Sample temperatures can be controlled continuously from 1.6K to 300K in a magnetic field up to 7T. Using a combination of these parameters, the sample’s magnetic moment is measured by moving the sample through the pick up coils, a technique called extraction magnetometry.

We have a 16 cryogen free magnet, capable of 3He temperatures (down to 0.3K) and a range of thermodynamic and transport measurements.
P03 - IanZero Field

Our zero field, home built system is our work horse.

45T DC and 100T Pulsed

Many of our high-magnetic field measurements are performed at the National High Magnetic Field Lab in Tallahassee (FL) and Los Alamos (NM)