Workshop on Advances in Non-Fermi Liquids

The Workshop on Advances in Non-Fermi Liquids has been made possible by the support of the Moore Foundation’s EPiQS program. This workshop will be held at the Lawerence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) from August 15th – 17th, 2018.


Important: You MUST register in advance to be admitted onto the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory premises for this workshop.

Participant Registration – Closed

Speaker Registration – Closed

We encourage students, postdocs and faculty to come to this event. Registration ends on Friday, August 3rd.

If you have missed the deadline to register: Email Jon Deasy at jdeasy(at) – please note that we cannot guarantee that LBNL will accept your Access Request after the registration close date.


Erez Berg

Clément Collignon

Jennifer Cano

Nigel Hussey

Francis Laliberté

Andy Lucas

Lu Li

Joseph Maciejko

Andrew Mackenzie

John Mcgreevy

Carsten Putzke

Ulrich Schollwöck

Subir Sachdev

Thomas Scaffidi

Susanne Stemmer

Nandini Trivedi

Andrea Young

Feng Wang

Micheal Zaletel



Directions to get to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory:

If you are staying on/near campus, there is a regular Orange shuttle that will take you to the workshop venue, Building 66. From Downtown Berkeley BART, catch the Orange Bus going to Strawberry Gate from the bus stop on Shattuck. From campus you can choose any stop along the orange route. The one closest to the physics department and Women’s Faculty Club is on Gayley. You can also download the NextBus app. for the bus schedule.