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 <div id="​s3slider"​ style="​float:​left;">​ <div id="​s3slider"​ style="​float:​left;">​
    <​ul id="​s3sliderContent">​    <​ul id="​s3sliderContent">​
 +      <li class="​s3sliderImage">​
 +          </​HTML>​{{:​publications:​tblg.png?​nolink|}}<​HTML>​
 +          <span class="​top">​Super-superlattice of twisted bilayer graphene on boron nitride</​span>​
 +      </li>
       <li class="​s3sliderImage">​       <li class="​s3sliderImage">​
           </​HTML>​{{:​home:​afm_w.jpg?​nolink|}}<​HTML>​           </​HTML>​{{:​home:​afm_w.jpg?​nolink|}}<​HTML>​