Quantum Information with Trapped Ions

Group Members

Hartmut Häffner
Office: 301H, Old LeConte
Phone: (510) 664-4299

I like to experiment with the quantum information stored in trapped ions. I lead now a group sharing the same passion. In my previous life, I measured how strong electric fields change the magnetic moment of the electron, studied quantum chaos, ran quantum gates, characterized entangled states, and teleported quantum information over 10 micrometers. Notable current achievements of my group are ultra low-noise ion traps and a Michelson-Morley test for electrons. When not behind a keyboard, I love being outside such as on playgrounds with my daughters or on the water windsurfing.
Eli Megidish
Phone: (510) 664-4296

I like revealing the puzzling nature of quantum systems and enjoy the challenges that trapped ions systems provides. Outside the lab I love to explore the bay area with my family.
Clemens Matthiesen
Phone: (510) 664-4296

The ability to observe and control quantum states (in a lab) is probably the most exciting thing in physics for me. Having spent a PhD and a few Postdoc-years on solid-state spin systems I am very excited to learn about ion surface traps in Berkeley now. I also like racket sports and baking bread.
Wei-Ting Chen
Phone: (510) 664-4296

After working years on using AMO techniques to studying plasma physics with a system which usually contains 10^5 to a million charged particles, I decided to switch my interest to ion trap research which involves only a couple or just one charged particle with a very high degree of control and understanding of the properties of the ion.
Sara Mouradian
Phone: (510) 664-4296

After working with solid state systems during my PhD I am excited to work with trapped ions. Regardless of implementation, I am interested in building and using large coherent quantum systems for computation, communication, and sensing. Outside the lab I am usually climbing, cooking, or eating.
Alberto Alonso
Phone: (510) 664-4296

After working on antimatter spectroscopy with positronium atoms during my PhD, I am now interested in learning more about the extreme fidelity and control that can be attained with ion traps by manipulating single ions at a time, as well as the implications for fundamental physics and technological applications. I also enjoy playing boardgames, hiking, and videogames when Iím not in the lab.
Sumanta Khan
Phone: (510) 664-4296

After working with quantum optics experiments using vapor cells during my PhD, I am really excited to work on quantum information processing experiments using trapped ions. I am working on simulating a quantum system with trapped ions. Outside of the lab, I like roaming around the bay area, travelling, cooking, listening to music and watching tv series.
Maya Lewin-Berlin
Grad Student
Phone:(510) 664-4296

I am a graduate student studying surface science with trapped ions, and I'm interested in microfabrication and quantum computation. Outside of the lab I love dancing, swimming in the ocean, and vegetarian cooking.
Joseph Broz
Grad Student
Phone:(510) 664-4296

My interests lie in exploring the nontrivial and often nonintuitive dynamics that can arise in modestly sized but very precisely controlled and manipulated atomic systems. Currently I am working on an emulation of non-classical energy transfer in a spin chain coupled to a mesoscopic bosonic bath, which is difficult or impossible to numerically calculate. Outside of the lab I enjoy long walks in the hills with my 10 year old German shepherd, Lia.
Da An (Chi Chi)
Grad Student
Phone: (510) 664-4296

I'm a graduate student, excited to learn about the theory and techniques of ion trapping, along with its applications to quantum information. Outside of the lab, I enjoy playing card/board games and eating.
Neil Glikin
Grad Student
Phone: (510) 664-4296

I love being able to see the effects of quantum mechanics on a tabletop, as well as just learning and discovering how the universe works. I enjoy exploring the bay area, video games, and making lists.
Nicole Greene
Grad Student
Phone: (510) 664-4296

Having previously worked on the local Lorentz invariance experiment, I now spend my time designing an aparatus that will soon shuttle and entangle large chains of ions. Outside the lab I enjoy exploring San Fransisco, watching films, and skiing.
Ryan Shaffer
Grad Student
Phone: (510) 664-4296

I spent several years programming classical computers before coming to Berkeley to study quantum computers. I'm most interested in the intersection of computer science with quantum information, and how to realize this in physical systems. I also enjoy some human things, like playing basketball, cooking, and traveling.
Qian Yu
Grad Student
Phone: (510) 664-4296

I'm interested in the physical realization of quantum computation and techniques of ion trapping, and I like to explore the quantum dynamics of strongly interacting systems including coherent evolution and decoherence. Outside the lab I like traveling, reading, cooking and playing board games.
Shuqi Xu
Grad Student
Phone: (510) 664-4296

My research interests lie in tackling challenges towards scalable trapped ion quantum computers, as well as the emergent physics revealed in such quantum system. When not in the lab, I enjoy traveling, playing video games, watching and playing soccer.

Current Visitors
Zhao Zhang

Current Undergraduates
Thomas Lloyd
Tim Guo

Group Alumni

Crystal Noel
Post-Doc at University of Maryland, College Park
Erik Urban
Electrical Engineer at Exponent
Alex Chuang NSF Fellow, PhD student at Massachussetts Insitute of Technology
Boerge Hemmerling Assistant Professor of Physics, UC Riverside http://molecules.ucr.edu
Soenke Moeller
Senior Research Engineer at Cutera
Dylan Gorman
Data Scientist at Credit Karma http://www.djgorman.com/
Philipp Schindler
Staff scientist at Innsbruck University, Austria
Nikos Daniilidis
Data Scientist at Credit Karma
Anthony Ransford
PhD Student at UC Los Angeles
Michael Ramm
Data Science Manager at Netflix
Thaned (Hong) Pruttivarasin
Lecturer at Mahidol University, Thailand http://mpec.sc.mahidol.ac.th/thanedp/index.html
Ishan Talukdar
Brian Timar
Thilo van Hoevel
Ahmed Adelrahman
Omid Khosravani
Sankara Narayanan
Josselin Bernardoff
Christian Zimmer
Ryan Blais
Ross Hutson
Charles Paul
Mark Kokish
Sebastian Gerber
Greg Bolloten
Daniel Tatum
Ian Hayes
Calvin Lau
Axel Kreuter
Oliver Neitzke
Boyan Tabakov
Sam Fendell
Kelsey Johnsen
Nathan Poon
Jiachen Yang
Isabela Le Bras
Todd Karin
Andy Li Cheong Yiu
Chris Overstreet
Gebhard Littich
Sean Arifin
David Gee
Christopher Reilly
Alex Georges
Jessica Yu Andre He