Quantum Information with Trapped Ions

Ion Ring Trap

We have developed a new surface ion trap that is radially symmetric, allowing trapping of a ring of ions. It is a novel design with a high trapping height and a small radius for the ion ring. This is to compensate for possible trap imperfections or stray fields. Our trap is composed of concentric planar ring electrodes, to which radio frequency may be applied in the ring configuration or the alternative point trap. We hope to study ion ring crystals, including structure, dynamics, and phenomena requiring periodic boundary conditions and/or rotation.

Eight ions are initially pinned with a homogeneous electric field. As the field is relaxed, this ions delocalize and their fluorescence spreads across the extent of the ring. This demonstrated the high degree of symmetry the system possess even at the mK temperatures of the ion. The increasing electric field ultimately re-localizes the ions on the opposite side of the ring.