Quantum Information with Trapped Ions

Visitor information

We can be conveniently reached by BART. From Berkeley Downtown station the department and faculty clubs are a 20 minute walk.

When exiting the station turn east up the hill. Soon you will reach the campus. Head uphill towards the Campanile (Sather Tower), marked with a "C", and enter the physics building right next to it (either Birge or LeConte Hall). Hartmut's office ("O") is on the 3rd floor in Old LeConte Hall 301H, the labs ("L") are on the ground floor in LeConte Hall 144. For the faculty clubs head south over the small foot bridge and then uphill, i.e. east, again.

Parking on campus is very limited and on-street parking around campus is usually limited to 2 hours. Instead, we suggest to park at the Lower Hearst Parking structure on Hearst Ave or in one of the parking structures south of campus. See also the Campus visitor information map.