Alessandra Lanzara
Department of Physics
University of California, Berkeley
321 Birge Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-7300
Tel: (510) 642-4863 (campus)
(510) 486-5503 (LBL)

Brief Bio: Alessandra Lanzara is a Professor of Physics at University of California, Berkeley and a Faculty Scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She received her B.S and PhD in physics from Universita' di Roma La Sapienza, Italy in 1999. She was a post-doctoral Researcher at Stanford University from 1999-2002. In 2002 she joined the physics Department faculty at UC Berkeley as Assistant Professor and since 2011 she is a Full Professor. She is also a Faculty Scientist at the Materials Sciences Division of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory since 2002. Prof. Lanzara is one of the board members of the Far West Section of the American Physical Society; serves as a Panel member of the Linar Coherent Light Source at Stanford; as an Advisory Member of the "Scientific Council of the Rome International Center for Material Science"; and as a board member of the Photon Science Advisory Committee of the Paul Scherer Institute in Switzerland. She is also serving on the board of a few prestigious scientific journals.

Honors and Awards: Prof. Lanzara's work has been recognized by several important awards among which the "Leading scientist of the world" by the International Biographical center in Cambridge; the Centennial Lecture of the Italian Physical Society; the prestigious Marie Goepert Award from the American Physical Society; the McMillan Award, the highest recognition for an early-career condensed matter physicist; and the National Science Foundation, Presidential Early Career Award. She has been featured for several years in Who's Who in America. Dr. Lanzara has been honored as fellow of the American Physical Society in 2008 and the Italian Physical Society in 2015. Her work has also been featured in public media, such as TV in the Italian National Public Channel Radio, and in the Italian main press.

Inventions: Prof. Lanzara has been a co-inventor of several patents, ranging from a new synthesis method for the growth of wafer size graphene, to the development of a new high precision detector to measure the spin of electrons in solids.

Outreach and Diversity: Prof. Lanzara has been a long-time champion of diversity in science. She serves in the Committee for Diversity, Equity and Campus Climate at UC Berkeley, in the Diversity and Inclusion Committee at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and she is an advisor for the Society of Women in Physical Science at UC Berkeley. She has been called to advise the Society of Women in Physics at MIT and the Society of Women in Physics and Astronomy at University of Minnesota. Prof. Lanzara has been a speaker in several Women Leadership panels across the country, and she has been very active in promoting and mentoring women scientists into leadership roles both in industry and academia. She has also been called to speak in panels at the Senate in Italy about the future of young scientists in Italy. She is also involved in several outreach programs for young kids, to get them excited about science and technology starting from a young age.


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