Zettl Research Group

Research Project

Adam Fennimore & Tom Yuzvinsky 

Rotational Nanoactuator/Nanomotor

Supplementary Material

These images are intended for public access. Please contact A. Zettl for permission before reproducing any of these images or videos or alterations of them. All rights reserved 2003.

Animated Gifs

These animated gifs were assembled using many scanning electron microscope (SEM) images recorded as the motor was "walked" through one complete revolution.

Video Data

Realtime video recorded with an SEM showing the continuous movement of a rotational nanoactuator/nanomotor driven rapidly by low level (less than 5V) AC signals.  

Computer Generated Still Images

Images created by Noah Bodzin

Computer Generated Video

Movie shows stylized fabrication and operation of nanoactuator/nanomotor.  Created by Noah Bodzin

AVI (56 MB)

WMV (21 MB)

QuickTime (124MB)

Winner of the 2004 R&D 100 Award!


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