Zettl Research Group

Research Project

Alkalai-Doped Fullerenes

We are currently investigating various properties of the alkalai-doped C60 compounds, including crystals of the superconducting and polymeric phases. The polymer C60 phase can be formed by doping C60 crystals with one alkalai atom per molecule, to form A1C60 (where A=K, Rb, Cs). These materials are the only air-stable conducting fullerides known to date. As conducting polymers, they are strong candidtates for quasi-1-dimensional conduction, and exhibit low-temperature phase transitions probably related to reduced dimensionality. We are performing various experiments to elucidate both the room-temperature behavior and the low-temperature phases of these materials. These experiments include: resistivity measurements, at ambient and applied pressure; X-ray diffraction under pressure; Transmission Electron Microscopy; infrared spectroscopy; thermal transport measurements; and measurements of elastic properties. 

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