• High Temperature Superconductor-Bi2Sr2 CaCu2O8+d(Bi2212).
  • GaAs/AlGaAs Hall Sensor and a BSCCO disk on top of the Sensor

    Sample size effect on vortex matter in Bi2212

    Vortex matter in BSCCO has many phases-vortex liquid, 3D and 2D solid due to the extreme anisotropy and high Tc (90K) of this layered material. However, when the sample size approaches the vortex correlation length, vortex matter phase transitions could be effected and even vanish below a critical sample size at a given temperature. With micron-sized Bi2212 and a GaAs/AlGaAs Hall sensor (left) for local magnetization measurements, we observed that at a given temperature, the vortex solid 3D-2D transition disappears below a critical sample size Rcr. Rcr agrees well with the vortex correlation length of the Larkin-Ovchinnikov collective pinning model. For details, see our publication in Phys. Rev. Lett. 

    Other BSCCO studies

    Corbino disk transport measurements
    to avoid surface barrier effect

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